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Alarm Equipment Inc Moves Website to Schrock Innovations

aei-logoAlarm Equipment Inc. (AEI) in Omaha, NE came to Schrock Innovations for a website “freshening” a few months ago.

AEI’s website was not ranking in Google for the key search terms they needed to bring in new alarm business. Today more people use Google than the Yellow Pages so ranking when it counts can be vital to a business’ success!

AEI Asked Schrock Innovations to modify their existing website to modernize its look and improve its SEO performance without changing the basic layout and styling of the existing website.

Brad and Adam went to work on the website, adding a modernized version of the company’s logo, a new favicon, meta data that had been missing from the site previously.

The old version of the company’s website contains a lot of text, but it was mostly locked into images, rendering it useless to search engines that were trying to determine where the website should rank in comparison to other Omaha alarm companies.

Brad recreated the website, replacing the old tables design with a new CSS design, allowing the new website to look similar to the old one, but with the text broken out so it was visible to search engines.

After working with AEI on their website and learning about their dedication to their customers, we actually hired them to install alarm systems in our locations!

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