Nebraska's #1 Voted Computer Repair Company

Schrock Innovations Services

Your time is valuable. When you need technology help, Schrock understands you want it on your schedule.  No matter how demanding your life is, Schrock can get your technology back on track.

Computer Repair

Schrock repairs every make and model of computer on the market – Mac and PC.  When your computer needs hands-on attention you can drop it off at our service centers, schedule an in-home appointment, or request a free pick-up and drop off.

Website Development

If your web guys have let you down, count on Schrock Interactive to pick up the ball and accomplish your goals with precision and professionalism.  Because we provide design, development, and hosting services we are a turnkey solution for all of your web needs.

Corporate Services

According to, the average IT Specialist earns $52,000 per year. Most small and medium sized business just don’t have $52,000 to dedicate to IT. That’s why Schrock Innovations offers corporate service agreements that take the pressure off of business owners. By allocating trained technicians to business offices on an on-call basis, Schrock takes that $52,000 annual budget and reduces it to $100 per visit and an annual service charge per computer.

Don’t rely on the knowledge of your cousin’s best friend for managing your business’s IT when you can trust Schrock Innovations to do it right without breaking the bank.

Virtual Help Desk

Our Schrock Desk service allows us to solve your technology problems through the Internet.  Watch as we fix your PC as if we were in the room for you, or relax and enjoy a good book.

Data Recovery

Schrock Innovations is the only company in the Midwest that can do both logical data recovery as well as physical data recovery in house without the aid of other third party services.

We have invested nearly $70,000 in equipment and training to equip our service center with the needed hardware and expertise to extract your data reliably.  Within our Service Center we have:

  • A Class 100 Cleanroom
  • Full Array of Physical Tools to Conduct Physical Replacement of components
  • Hardware Based Drive Cloning System for PCB Failure Situations
  • 22 Software Suites for Logical Data Recovery

We are not a reseller or an affiliate that sends work elsewhere to be done.  We do it all right here in our 1,800 foot Service Center.

Computer Recycling

It is estimated that there are enough computers in storage in the US to give every man woman and child 2 complete systems.  Do your part to protect the environment and drop your old PCs at Schrock for recycling.  We take almost everything free of charge.

Do It Yourself Help

If you are more of the rugged individualist type, you will enjoy Schrock’s DIY section.  Search for information on a problem you are having with your PC and fix it yourself.  If you need to call in the big guns at the end of the day we won’t tell.  Promise.