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Enable or Disable VML Rendering Automatically

On September 12, 2006 a new security vulnerability was discovered in Internet Explorer that was confirmed by Microsoft Security Advisory (925568). This vulnerability has been used by websites to take control of a user’s computer. Microsoft has stated that they will not release a patch for the VML rendering security vulnerability until October 10, 2006. This security problem affects all Windows users from Windows 98 to Windows XP, even if you use a browser other than Internet Explorer.

The only way to protect your system at the present time is to completely disable VML rendering in your Internet Explorer browser.

We have created a small utility that easily turns your VML rendering on or off. If you use this utility to turn off VML rendering, the utility will automatically re-enable it on October 11, 2006 – the day after Microsoft’s expected patch release. This is accomplished by adding a startup item that checks the current date each time your computer is booted. After October 11, 2006 the startup item is automatically removed.

If you use our utility after October 11, 2006 the auto enable feature will be disabled, but the core functionality of the utility will remain intact.

Note: While Internet Explorer will still function with this feature disabled, graphics on some websites may not be visible once it is disabled (for example, Google Maps will not work in Internet Explorer with VML rendering turned off).
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